Atlanta Metropolitan State College



What is a Trailblazer Card?

Your Trailblazer Card is also your ID card for AMSC and so much more! It allows you to:

  • Access your meal plan, if applicable,
  • Purchase goods and services at campus stores and campus vending machines,
  • Purchase goods and services with AMSC's off campus merchants,
  • Purchase goods and services at the AMSC Bookstore
  • Access your financial aid refunds

How can I check my Campus Cash account Information?

Either go by the AMSC Card Service Office location, Student Center, 2nd Floor Lobby, or check online at this link.
Due to federal regulations, account information can only be given to the cardholder.

What about Campus Cash refunds and withdrawals?

If you are a student, you must hasve withdrawn or graduated to be eligible for a refund. Campus Cash does not expire. You mayrequest a full refund once you graduate or withdraw from Atlanta Metropolitan State College. Meal plans and dining dollars expire at the end of each semester. (See Terms and Conditions for more details)