Atlanta Metropolitan State College


Budget Hearing

Annually, during the spring term, a College event called “Budget Hearing and State-of-the-Unit Presentations” allows units to highlight and present their current annual plans, as well as submit budget requests for the next fiscal year to the President’s Cabinet. All units have the opportunity to participate in the Budget Hearing and State-of-the-Unit Presentations, either in writing or through PowerPoint presentations.

Recommendations for budget approvals are considered by the President’s Cabinet after the unit head makes his/her case for funding of a departmental need through demonstrating need, rationale, benefit to the Department and College, and relevance to the College’s Strategic Plan and priorities. All budget requests approved by the College President are incorporated into the budget submissions and requests to the Board of Regents for the next fiscal year. An annual calendar of budget activities is provided in the Figure below.


Additionally, this year the Business Office established a function that has the primary responsibility to prepare, monitor and manage the budgeting process. This function also works directly with the Board of Regents to ensure compliance with Board of Regents budgeting guidelines.