Atlanta Metropolitan State College


Goals and Objectives
Office of Environmental Health, Safety, and Compliance

1. To develop, follow and continuously improve environmental, heath and safety procedures and practices for all facilities, projects and operations;

2. To promote environmental, health and safety awareness among all faculty, staff and students and provide appropriate resources for training and program implementation;

3. To practice pollution prevention by recycling all appropriate materials, purchasing recycled products, substitution less hazardous materials and establishing micro-scale chemistry operations;

4. To recognize the interrelationship between energy and the environment and implement energy efficient strategies, and clean – fueled vehicles where appropriate;

5. Work cooperatively with government and other appropriate organizations in developing reasonable environmental, health and safety legislation and regulations which protect the environment and human health and which are cost effective;

6. To continue heightening employee safety awareness at Atlanta Metropolitan State College as well as complying with the “Public Employee Hazardous Chemical Protection and Right To Know act of 1988”.