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Harry Akoh, Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities

Harry Akoh, Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities

eCore e-Hero Award

Harry Akoh received the e-Hero Award at the Annual eCampus Faculty Conference. The e-Hero Award is given to USG faculty who go above and beyond to assist students. eCampus is a service unit of the University System of Georgia that assists SACSCOC-accredited USG in administering quality, affordable, high-demand, post-secondary online degrees and credentials that address the workplace needs of Georgia and beyond.

Executive Leadership Institute (ELI)
Harry Akoh has been selected by The University System of Georgia (USG) to participate in the Executive Leadership Institute's (ELI) 2021-2022 cohort. Participants include 34 faculty and staff from 25 USG institutions and the University System Office. "USG strongly supports investing in the development and retention of our future USG leaders, and these class members represent the best of faculty and staff across the state who will lead us into the future," Vice Chancellor for Leadership & Institutional Development Stuart Rayfield said. "We congratulate them for this honor, and look forward to working with them as they continue to evolve and grow in their leadership development."

Georgia Humanities Grant
Harry Akoh is part of a team that earned the 2021 Georgia Humanities Grant for a community funded project, "They Were Here: Preservation and Commemoration of the Macedonia African Methodist Church Cemetery in Johns Creek, Georgia." This is a community-based project with local stakeholders in Johns Creek working to preserve an African American cemetery in North Fulton County.

Mercer University Tift College of Education Partnership Advisory Council (PAC)
Harry Akoh was appointed to the Mercer University Tift College of Education Partnership Advisory Council (PAC) based on his experience and commitment to education. The purpose of the PAC is to encourage collaborative working relationships between and among Mercer University's Tift College of Education, public and private schools, regional agencies, and community organizations concerned with producing highly qualified, effective teachers and leaders. The Tift College of Education envisions preparing effective teachers, educational leaders, and school counselors who are willing to grow and change-to transform-continually throughout their careers while also seeking to stimulate and facilitate transformation within their students. Dr. Akoh's insight and expertise is of great value to the faculty and administration as Mercer University Tift College continues to review and refine its programs to ensure that it is responsive to the needs of their current students, future students, and the greater community.

Abigail Bryan, MBA Business and Marketing Instructor, School of Business and Information Technology

Abigail Bryan

Professor Abigail Bryan was featured on WalletHub - Ask the Experts: Best Credit Card Promotions

What should consumers watch out for when it comes to credit card promotions?

It is common to receive an enticing offer from a credit card company that has your name written all over it. While credit cards have their pros and cons, such as giving you access to capital outside of your personal funds and potentially increasing your debt respectively, there are additional items consumers should look out for when receiving an offer or viewing a promotion. A credit card company's primary revenue is through interest rates, transaction fees, and late fees of unpaid balances; pay close attention to the details of these items when deciding to move forward. Ask yourself, "Is it worth paying $25 on every $100 I spend?". Consumers should also pay attention to the fine print of promotions. 12 months with no interest is great if you know you can pay down the balance before that, but what happened after that time is up? You will often see the original credit card agreement take place once the time ends. Other's offer points and rewards after you spend a certain amount; be mindful of any stipulations such as it had to be on dining and entertainment to qualify. Always read the fine print.

What is the best way to differentiate a worthwhile credit card promotion from marketing fluff?

The absolute best way to know a worthwhile credit card vs an unsustainable card that has utilized very good marketing to gain its consumers is by researching reviews and doing a comparison. All cards are not made equal, and we all have a variety of needs to be met. It is essential to look at the categories that best fit your needs in a card, such as: recommended credit score, annual fee, intro/normal APR, and card type. You can explore WalletHub's credit card comparison tool to find the best fit and recommendations. If you have questions, you should be able to contact the company for their responses and see if it corresponds to the information, you found online. You want to make a sound decision when proceeding with a credit card because how you utilize your card makes up roughly a third of your credit score and is ongoing, also impacting your credit history.

How often do you recommend taking advantage of new credit card promotions?

Generally, you should only take new credit out once every six months as having too much new credit at the same time can hurt your FICO score (accounting for about 10%). According to Experian, multiple applications around the same time can signal to companies that you are not a responsible user of credit and that you could be attempting to gain capital you cannot afford. Credit card applications are very different from car or mortgage loans in which it is encouraged to shop around in a short time to get the best rate. You should not take advantage of credit card promotions when seeking to make a big purchase, like a house or car, and when attempting to rebuild damaged credit. The average American holds 3.84 credit cards (Experian, (Q3) 2020) and has an average score of 698, (Equifax, February 2021); which is generally good because holding multiple cards is great for establishing lines of credit but can be harmful if it is not managed properly. The general rule of thumb is to have at least two credit cards. Aim to increase your limits on the current cards you have and build with less risky options like a secure credit card. When you should move forward on a new credit card depends on the current health of your credit and your current credit goals.

Jamie Butler, Instructor of Freshman English Composition

Jamie ButlerProfessor Jamie Butler published an article titled "Trauma-Informed Teaching: How to Be More Intentional with Course Policies, LMS, and Scaffolding Feedback," which was published on the Faculty Focus website on July 21, 2021. Due to the attention the article received, Ms. Butler was invited to present at Herzing University's Symposium on Trauma-Informed Feedback. She was also invited to speak at Passaic County Community College (PCCC) for a professional development session titled "Trauma Informed Pedagogy." Additionally, the Alpha Eta Chi chapter of Phi Theta Kappa and the Honors in Action Committee at PCCC are using Professor Butler as a research expert to help address their research question, "How do inherited practices of culture affect the mental health of students and their progress for personal growth?"

Ms. Butler was a Chancellor's Learning Scholar and led a Faculty Learning Community (FLC) that addressed Brain-Based Learning. This FLC inspired Ms. Butler to research how the brain develops from trauma - which develops differently than a brain developed in an optimal environment. Ms. Butler has worked with Atlanta Metropolitan State College as a full-time instructor for four years. Currently, she teaches Freshman English Composition with the School of Social Sciences and Humanities.

Atlanta Metropolitan State College Partners with the PepsiCo Foundation for Workforce Development Program AMSC Awarded $250,000 Grant over Two Years

PepsiCo Foundation Uplift Scholars Program Check PresentationATLANTA, GA - The PepsiCo Foundation named Atlanta Metropolitan State College (AMSC) a recipient of its PepsiCo Uplift Scholarship, a $250,000 grant designed to eliminate the barriers Black and Hispanic students face to achieving an academic credential that will help them enter the workforce and earn a livable wage.

The PepsiCo Foundation selected 13 colleges around the country for the program, which will help AMSC facilitate students' navigation and completion of certificates or associate degrees. The scholarship includes full tuition, books, and fees for qualifying students.

AMSC submitted a detailed proposal in order to qualify for the grant, which is distributed over two years. AMSC programs that met the PepsiCo Foundation's criteria included certificates in cybersecurity, financial technology or FinTech, and information technology as well as associate degrees in the school of business. In addition to academic course requirements, the students will attend seminars and mentoring sessions with PepsiCo employees and have the opportunity to visit the local PepsiCo Plant and offices in the Atlanta area.

"The PepsiCo Uplift Scholarship provides yet another opportunity to support our college students, often first-generation, underrepresented and low-income, with the tools that will support a successful path towards program completion," AMSC President Georj Lewis said. "More often than many realize, it is the financial and life obstacles that prevent an otherwise competent individual from obtaining the education and certification that is needed to enter the workforce. AMSC is excited to work with the PepsiCo Foundation to eliminate those obstacles."

Students interested in obtaining a certificate in one of these high-demand programs or an associate degree in business, should visit, to apply. Openings are filling up fast.

"We found that PepsiCo's Foundation and AMSC have a shared vision of transforming our communities," Lewis said. "With that, we know this is a partnership that will benefit our students and our corporate partners as we strive to add productive, educated individuals with the tools they need to experience fulfilling careers and to become a productive addition to the Atlanta community."

Atlanta Metropolitan State College, an access institution of the University System of Georgia, educates students from diverse backgrounds by providing affordable, career-focused bachelor's and associate degree programs. The College offers student-centered instruction, civic/community engagement, and quality services that lead to the success of its inter-generational 21st century graduates.

PICTURED: Mr. Skip Vaughan, PepsiCo Beverages; Mr. Nick Gonzalez, PepsiCo Beverages, Dr. Georj Lewis, President, Atlanta Metropolitan State College: PepsiCo Foundation Check Presentation at the 2021 AMC Foundation Celebration of Leadership Awards.

AMSC Student Spotlight - Dorothea Hofler

Dorothea HoflerThe School of Science and Health Professions is proud to announce the admission of Dorothea Hofler to the Medical University of South Carolina's School of Pharmacy! Dorothea was a student in the Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences program at Atlanta Metropolitan State College (AMSC). While attending AMSC, she earned certification as a Pharmacy Technician, and gained employment to obtain experience for her future career.

"Nevertheless, she persisted. That's the quote that I live by. I always knew I wanted to work in the medical field but it wasn't until I got to AMSC when I finally believe that I could actually do it. The classes and the mentorship I received helped me become the woman that I am today. I am a non-traditional student so it was kind of difficult but a lot of fun. And I am excited to say I was admitted to the Medical University of South Carolina's School of Pharmacy!"

The African American Male Institute Recognizes Mrs. Sharon Duhart

Sharon Duhart, Director Center for Academic Advising & Student Success - Director Aftican-American Male Initiative As we begin the new academic year, The African American Male Institute Recognizes Mrs. Sharon Duhart as one of the two longest serving AAMI Directors.

If you check the AAMI archives, you will find that Sharon R. Duhart has been a part of the program since inception. She has seen a lot of changes from her position as Director of the Center for Academic Advising & Student Success, Program Director of the African-American Male Initiative, and Adjunct Instructor in School of Social Sciences at Atlanta Metropolitan State College.

Additionally, Mrs. Duhart is the Founder and Program Director of the Trailblazer Student Institute (TSI) at AMSC. TSI is a twelve-month academic and peer-enrichment program that helps students adjust academically and socially to college life by removing the barriers of developmental courses and providing year-long peer-mentors coupled with academic support for students as they matriculate. Lastly, she is the Founder and Advisor to S.H.O.E.S. (Stepping High on Empowerment for Sisterhood) and Lead Advisor for B-2-B (Brother-2-Brother); both active registered student organizations at AMSC and throughout the college community.

Mrs. Duhart is a member of the NACADA (the global community for academic advising) and CRLA (College Reading and Learning Association), NADE (National Association for Development Education), and various AMSC and State Higher Education committees.

She believes that identifying the economic realities, political climates, societal needs, and citizen expectations of men of color in metropolitan environments is critical when preparing them for success. Mrs. Duhart promotes qualitative in addition to quantitative results-based best practices when developing and evaluating programs in the inner-city with a focus on the social processes that are usually missed due to traditional quantitative metrics.

Spiritually, she is a licensed Missionary and Deaconess and has traveled across the globe spreading the "Good News" in the United States and internationally to Israel, Jordan, Egypt, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Greece, Turkey, London, Holland, Bahamas, and beyond.

Her personal motto is "DU good with HART.""

Please join the USG AAMI Leadership Team in thanking Mrs. Duhart for her dedication and a job well-done.

AMSC Teacher Education Student Selected for Internship

Bianca Bradford, a teacher education student at Atlanta Metropolitan State College (AMSC)Bianca Bradford, a teacher education student at Atlanta Metropolitan State College (AMSC), has been selected for the Global Communities Internship Program (GCIP). The internship program is a project of the Atlanta Global Research and Education Collaborative. The program's goals include connecting diverse communities and cultures, global leaders, intercultural communicators, community builders, and "global" citizens via internships at Clarkston-based organizations during summer 2021. Bianca was selected by a team of professionals led by Georgia Tech's Service Learning and Partnerships Specialist Ruth Yow.

As a GCIP intern, Bianca will receive a stipend to serve children via Clarkston Community Center's (CCC) summer programs. She will also support CCC's other programs, which are aimed at helping refugees, immigrants, and new­Americans in metro Atlanta.

Bianca will additionally participate in a weekly Internship Seminar Program hosted by Georgia Tech's Center for Serve-Learn-Sustain (SLS). The program is designed to connect participants to small groups of interns working on similar projects in global leadership and education as well as to larger groups of students engaged in a broad range of SLS internships related to equity, sustainability, and social innovation. The program is themed around the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

GCIP provides participants with professional development, a sense of community, valuable learning experiences, and exposure to other people, internships, and organizations related to their interests. For information on GCIP or similar partnership programs in AMSC's School of Social Sciences and Humanities, contact:

Kenja McCray, PhD
Associate Professor of History
Environmental Justice Academy Program Coordinator

2021 Georgia Regional & International Awards PHI THETA KAPPA Honor Society

2021 Georgia Regional & International Awards PHI THETA KAPPA Honor Society

2021 Georgia Regional & International Awards PHI THETA KAPPA Honor Society Beta Beta Tau Chapter

Dr. Kenja McCray

Previous AMSC Spotlight Faculty, Staff and Students

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All students (current and graduates) are eligible. Faculty and staff must be employed by AMSC at the time of nomination and spotlighting, and have service of at least six months when nominated. Students, faculty, and staff may be nominated multiple times, however, in the interest of showcasing the diversity of AMSC, individuals will not be spotlighted more than once per year. If the number of quality nominations exceeds the amount that is put up on the web, they will be held until the next publication. Questions concerning eligibility should be emailed to

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